Birthday Party Themes


The theme you choose for your party will determine the type of scavenger hunt and craft project guests get to create.  When scheduling a birthday, you may choose one of two crafts to make. See below for details.

Dinosaurs Dinosaurs

  • Dinosaur Fossil Craft
  • Dinosaur Shrinky Dinks

Pirate Treasure Hunt Pirates

  • Pirate Parrot craft
  • Pirate hat and pompom cannon

Knights, Princesses & Dragons Castles

  • Pipe-cleaner crowns
  • Glitter bracelets

Animal Safari 

  • lionSafari binoculars
  • African drum craft

Outer Space

  • SpaceU.F.O. craft
  • Straw Rocket Ship Shooters

Trains Trains

  • Train car name poster
  • Train magnetic fame

Premium Themes

These themes are only available with our Premium Party package. Check out our packages for more details!

Spa Science – (1.) Children make their own bath fizzers or (2.) shea butter soap using natural ingredients and essential oils. Learn about the science behind the suds. Investigate aroma therapy and about the science behind the suds.

Mad Science – Children learn about polymerization while making (1.) oozy slime or (2.) bouncy balls. WARM WEATHER OPTION – In warmer weather pop rockets can be done outside. With this experiment kids learn about the explosive properties of gasses.

C.S.I. (Crime Scene Investigations) – (1.) Children learn about acids and bases and use in invisible inks. They can make and decode their own hidden messages. (2.) Children can learn how to dust for and lift fingerprints and figure out who stole the birthday cake!

Young Scientists – for scientists under 5: Chemistry station. Kid can experiment and learn from mixing colors, textures, and common household “chemicals” in a safe play environment. Chemicals include flour, baking soda, vinegar, food colorings, cornstarch, water, and baking powder.