Homeschoolers: Check out the High School Art Show

The Children’s Museum offers special programs just for homeschooling families!

Homeschool Hangouts:

Every other Wednesday 11-1p.m. during the school year. Parent/child activities designed to complement concepts taught in homeschool curriculum, grades K-12. Discounted admission for homeschool families ($5/person).

February 22nd 11-1p.m.: Run a Restaurant: Learn what it takes to run a business and manage your money.

March 8th 11-1p.m.: Mission To Mars

March 22nd 11-1p.m.: Wonderful Water: Fun water experiments! Plus, learn where our water comes from, how it gets polluted and what we can do about it.

April 5th 11-1p.m.: Fabulous Fossils: What is a fossil and where do they come from? Grab your gear as we become paleontologists and “dig” for clues to help us answer these questions.

April 19th 11-1p.m.: Robots and Programming: From basic to advanced, the museum has a variety of robots to try out and learn to program.

Museum-On-The-Go Kits:

The Children’s Museum MOGO kit program can be used in conjunction with your homeschool curriculum or for enrichment. Each kit contains a teacher’s guide and enough materials for several activities for up to 25 students, all stored in a sturdy container. MOGO kits contain all materials needed for hands-on activities.

Kits are available for 1-4 week loans. Homeschool parents will need to place a $25 deposit to check out kits. Once all materials are checked in upon return, the deposit is refunded. If your homeschool group or school affiliate is signed up with the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit (CSIU) mail service, kits can be mailed to a CSIU location and will be returned by you in a similar fashion.

If you are interested in borrowing a kit, please contact us.