6th Annual High School Art Show

On Friday, February 18th, Bloomsburg Children’s Museum crowned winners in their annual high school art show. Talented artists from surrounding highschools showcased their work in this juried art exhibition. All forms of art were welcomed, drawing, painting, sculpture, graphic design, collage, etc. Prizes were awarded to the young adults with groundbreaking exhibits. 9-12th graders from these participating schools were in attendance.

  • Bloomsburg Christian School
  • Danville Area High School
  • Homeschooled Highschools
  • Hazleton Area Arts and Humanities Academy
  • Benton Area High School

These students were awarded for their artwork.


    • 1st Place Overall: Brooke Woll, “Bee”, Danville Area high school, grade 10


  • 2nd Place Overall: Felicia C., “Me, Myself & I” Hazleton Area Arts & Humanities Academy, Grade 12
  • 3rd Place Overall: Sam S., “Vroom Vroom”, Bloomsburg High School, Grade 11
  • Honorable Mention Overall: Kaitlyn Gabel, “If I Could Fly”, Danville High School, Grade 11
  • 1st Place Best Collection: Riley S., Hazleton Area Arts & Humanities Academy, Grade 11 with “Bear”,“Chickadee”, and “Nefertiti”
  • Honorable Mention Best Collection: Anna Maffei, Danville Area High School, Grade 11 with “Her Ambience”, “Chloe’s Mind”, and “Mother Nature’s Outcry”
  • Best Acrylic: Lydia S., “Feathered Fiasco” Acrylic Paint, Hazleton Area Arts & Humanities Academy, Grade 10
  • Best Charcol: Helenne B., “Father” Charcoal, Hazleton Area Arts & Humanities Academy, Grade 12
  • Best Digital Art: Felicia C., “Dark Academia” Digital, Hazleton Area Arts & Humanities Academy, Grade 12
  • Best Mixed Media: Ryan-Elizabeth Fluke, “Venus in Mixed Media”, Bloomsburg Christian School
  • Curator’s Choice: Malakai S., “Elk” and “Safari” Pyrography, homeschool, Grade 10

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