Meet the Board Members!

Bloomsburg Children Museum is a non-profit run by a board of directors. Vic Klein is the Secretary on the Board for policy, facilities, and finance committees. Klein started working regularly for the museum around 1999. He became board president in 2001, occupying the position for 10 years. Some of his responsibilities include, attending monthly board and finance meetings and preparing minutes for the former. When financial reports are issued, I spend some time reviewing them and attempting to forecast what we need to adjust for conditions. Klein highlights positives of his involvement in the museum,

“We have a great group of volunteers, staff, and board members and it has been amazing what has been accomplished on a shoestring over the years”

Klein wants people to know what a great resource the Childrens museum is. Not only for the community, but for passerby tourists. The children’s museum serves over 20,000 people per year.

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