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After School Maker Camp

October 11, 2022 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Our very popular summer camp continues after school! Makers ages 6-12 explore, experiment and play. They are inquisitive hands-on learners who like to try new things! Sign up for one class or all 10.

  • October 4th: 3D modeling and printing – Design, print, and assemble a maraca! This Art, Math and Music project provides a great opportunity for students to be imaginative with creating their own musical instrument. Students will use a beginner CAD program to create a 3D printable file of a maraca. The files will be printed and students will assemble their own instruments to take home. 
  • October 11th: Laser cut puzzles. Students will learn how to create a jigsaw puzzle on the computer and then convert the file to an actual puzzle using the Museum’s laser cutter. Students will take their creations home.
  • October 18th: Solar powered cars. In this class we will create our own solar cars. The class is a great way for a student to get hands-on knowledge on how a solar panel can produce electricity and how it can be used as a renewable energy source.  
    October 25th: Frankenstein’s Monster Robot. Just in time for Halloween! Make your own battery powered walking Frankenstein robot!
  • November 1st: Awesome Explosions. We will use household materials to investigate and explore how the release of gasses produced by different chemical reactions can cause a small-scale (but very cool) explosions. 
  • November 8th: Circuit tiles. Students will create their own electrical innovation kit to take home with them. We will use hand tools, wood working equipment, and electrical equipment.  
  • November 15th: Side-lit LED nightlight Create your very own custom LED night light using the Museum’s laser cutter and basic wiring. 
  • November 22nd: Obstacle-avoiding robot. This project will show you how to build a simple robot that uses bump sensors to help the robot detect when it is about to bump into an obstacle, so it can turn around and avoid getting stuck.  
  • November 29th: Light up Legos. Engineering meets electronics in this fun filled project. Students will build a lego structure and then add batteries, lights and switches to make it shine! 
  • December 6th: Playing with food. Fun, tasty, and educational experiments with yeast, dough and bread! Learn about gluten, yeast, and how to create perfect loaves of bread. 

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October 11, 2022
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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