Educator’s Guide

This guide was created specifically for teachers, principals, scout leaders and parents/caregivers who are interested in educational opportunities at the Bloomsburg Children’s Museum. We believe that learning can be fun and stress-free. Simply turn to the section of this guide that you are most interested in.

Educator's Guide

They Want Me To Do What!!??

With teachers needing to present classes and engage students online, video has become an extremely valuable teaching tool. But, while teachers are comfortable teaching in the classroom, not everyone knows how to translate those skills to a Zoom session or livestream. This workshop is designed to give educators the basic knowledge needed to make their online lessons clearly heard, well lit and easy to watch. Simply knowing how to set up your camera, light your face and manage background sound can make a huge difference in whether your teaching skills are effective on a screen.

Led by Rand Whipple, of Box Of Light Studio, the workshop will cover your choices of apps, equipment, camera setups and lighting. The focus of the workshop will be to make the most of the devices, lighting that you already have and the best way to set up your camera and room to capture clear, watchable video. Rand will also explore ways to enhance your Zoom classes and the livestreaming options that can make your class more polished and effective. 

Virtual Field Trips

Join the Bloomsburg Children's Museum and our expert exhibit presenters as we offer virtual field trips! You and your classroom can receive an one-on-one virtual meeting with one of our expert exhibit presenters for just $25. Teachers will receive printable prep materials and activities prior to the field trip.

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