Bloomsburg Mini Maker Faire!

Mini Maker Faires are one‐day, family‐friendly events that celebrate arts, crafts, engineering, food, music, science and technology projects, and the Do‐It‐Yourself (DIY) mindset. It’s for resourceful, creative people who like to tinker and love to make things. Craftsmen, artisans, performers, homesteaders, crafters, inventors, thinkers, and doers are welcome to apply to be Makers. The Faire will showcase cutting edge technology such as 3D printing and robotics and have more traditional trades such as woodworking, fine arts, and sewing crafts.

Makers anywhere from hobbyists to large corporations are encouraged to apply because the Faire is about creativity and innovation everywhere. The purpose is to expose attendees to skills they have never seen or tried before, whether they’re cutting edge, centuries-old, or anywhere in between.

Alpha GeekCon!

The first annual Alpha GeekCon is for and about family-friendly learning, playing, and imagination through cosplay, video games, board games, cartoons, and other geeky edutainment! Come spend two days with us learning, playing, and discovering family-friendly geeky activities such as cosplay, arts & crafts, video games, cartoons, sci-fi/fantasy, board games, and so much more! We're ready to engage you with amazing educational entertainment for all ages with panels, speakers, workshops, shows, and products in the field of geek play and edutainment. Click here for more information!