Bloomsburg Children’s Museum Announces State Science Fair Winners

The Bloomsburg Children’s Museum is excited to announce that the eight students that participated in the Museum’s Science Fair held on January 18th recently competed at the state-level Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) after finishing first in the Regional PJAS Fair. The museum had 32 students from 6 schools and homeschool groups competing at the local science fair held at the Bloomsburg Fire Company. From that, 19 students were sent to the regional fair at Susquehanna University on March 9th. Students who scored a first award at the Regional Fair qualified for the state science fair held this past Monday, March 20th at Penn State University. 

The Museum sponsored eight students at the state fair. The following is a list of the students, the schools they represented, their projects, and the awards they received at the state fair.

  • Blake Rothermel, 8th grade, Line Mountain Middle School, project: “Development of a Water Purification Device” First Award
  • Emily Miller, 8th grade,   Montgomery Area, project: “Unraveling the Human Brain: The Stroop Effect” First Award
  • Isabelle Clinard, 8th grade, Montgomery Area, project: “First-Person Accounts: Is there a Time Limit for Memory?” Second Award
  • Chase Waring, 8th  grade, Montgomery Area, project: “Pepsi vs Coke: A Bias Study” Third Award
  • Lily Gingery, 8th grade, Montgomery Area, project “Are Composite Faces More Attractive than Real Faces?” First Award
  • Charlie Corbeil, 9th grade, Homeschooled, project: “Investigating Pigments in Plants Using Paper Chromatography” Second Award
  • Tim Farwell, 9th grade,  Homeschooled, project: “Investigating Quality of Blown Snow Under Different Conditions” First Award
  • Nathan Corbeill, 11th Homeschooled, project: “Measuring Photosynthesis Rates Using a Floating Leaf Assay” First Award

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